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A Tribute to our legacy member, T. Boone Pickens.

One man with one life, one mission, one focus with immeasurable results. That's T. Boone.

It's a rare thing when you meet a guy like Boone in your lifetime. Sure, we all meet plenty of people, but every so often, if you're lucky, a person comes along that makes you look twice. Their sheer presence gives you pause and makes you sit up and pay attention. We'd all like to think we have that effect on others, but most often, we don't.

Boone was who he was, who he appeared to be, and what you felt he could do. Which was anything. Larger than life, yet humble enough to make you feel right at home. His conversations were always specific, to the point, and many times, he would pull you down a rabbit hole just to measure what you're all about, and you had no idea it was happening. That was Boone.

Very few people in life have a true 'sparkle' in their eye. When you see someone that does, it sticks with you. It becomes a baseline for when you meet anyone else, and you haven't the notion why you now do that. Leaders are born that way. They call it a 'Q Score.' I call it something special and intangible. The moment they enter a room, you notice, you are drawn to them, and so are others. That was Boone.

He dared to go where others were afraid, and it was always for a good cause. The cause of others. I imagine Boone was the guy on the playground that stood up to the bully when others would shake or run. Not for his own satisfaction, but to rally and help others. His professional life proved this out. In boardrooms and one-on-one meetings. Didn't matter who it was. When you spoke to Boone, you always got the real deal.

And for all of his success, and all of his billions made, it never changed his heart. To its core it was generous. Sure, he had an ego. Who wouldn’t? But he was mostly thinking of others. Always planning ahead about the next 'deal.' Because the deal was what drove him. Not just in energy and oil. In life. Life was a big deal to him. And it showed. Who else would bother to get up at the crack of dawn at 80+ years old, and come to the office to work out first, and then lead his partners in the next huge opportunity? That was Boone.

If you're lucky, you have a Boone story, and each of us feel good about it. And if you're really lucky, you've heard his stories. He had a way of personalizing his relationships with everyone so that they felt a singular attachment so close, so genuine that he felt like family. He had a way. He looked you in the eye, made it deeply personal, challenged you, pushed you and expected results. And you were always happy to perform, to give it your all, just like you would your own father. Because making Boone smile, making him grab your hand, shake it and pat your shoulder was just about the greatest feeling one could have.

But why?

Because it was Boone.

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