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For almost two decades we've been dedicated to the preservation and conservation of quail. By being completely volunteer, we are able to donate virtually 100% of every dollar raised towards quail research and youth education.


'Our mission is to sustain and restore huntable wild quail populations, to encourage and educate interested youth, and to celebrate our quail hunting heritage in this region.'


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Quail hunting brings the generations together and gets young people into the great outdoors. To walk through the country with a friend and watch a bird dog at work is to understand co-dependence. Additionally, quail hunting increases land value, supports economies in rural towns, and provides a livelihood for countless dog breeders, dog trainers, and hunting guides.

As long as there have been quail hunting in Texas, there have been boom years and bust years. However, the numbers and the experts indicate that we are in an unexplainable slump in wild quail populations in recent years. As hunting opportunities have diminished, thousands of sportsmen have put down their shotgun, contemplated giving away their bird dogs, and selling their dog trailers. Owners of ranches purchased in anticipation of long walks and heart-stopping covey rises are wondering if they will ever see the good days again.

Park Cities Quail Coalition is unique. All proceeds from our dinner and auction go directly to quail research and education in Texas. We are a volunteer non-profit organization, and virtually all of our items at our Annual Dinner & Auction have been donated. This gives us what is arguably the highest gross-to-net ratio of any conservation group in the country. As a result of your generosity, this grassroots organization has donated the most amount of money in the shortest period of time of any conservation group in history. PCQC has also spawned 10 additional chapters across the state operating collectively as the Quail Coalition.

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